Can Dirty Talk increase sexual pleasure?


If you want this kind of talk to bear fruits- get the timing right. Most people find dirty talk embarrassing due to the already filthy definitions given in porn movies and other platforms. I was a little nervous about initiating dirty talk with my partner, but I was determined to initiate something new. So I decided to ask him about it and how he felt about it. The discussion helped us develop a game plan, phrases and words we could use during the dirty talks. We also decided who would initiate the conversation as it was somewhat uncomfortable for both of us at the beginning.


Our minds and bodies warmed up to the new trick pretty fast. Sexting was more exciting as I didn’t have to be conscious of saying dirty words out loud. People are comfortable with different forms of dirty talks. There are those who prefer talking dirty using texts while others prefer actual talks. In fact, dirty talk out of the bedroom helps determine your partner’s interest in the conversation. Women, unlike men, are more difficult to decipher; sometimes they want you to whisper in their ear how much you want them, and other times they long for sexting. It’s up to you to determine what sets her off.


The brain sets off an individual’s sex drive and is considered a more powerful sexual organ than the male and female genital composition. Two areas of the brain are involved during intercourse- the imagination areas of the brain and the frontal cortex responsible for judgment and pleasure. Erotic talk arouses these two areas by letting partners verbalize thoughts and desires about sex; it can initiate foreplay hours or days before the actual act. “I can’t wait to feel the inside of you,” my husband said after a week-long business trip. The mere thought of it sent my mind into a frenzy the whole day before he arrived in the evening.

Use dirty talk to transfer and evoke emotions.

Have you ever tried to read an erotic novel? It’s torture for men. Why? Because they’re written in a way that delivers emotions, not information. They’re written in a way that puts guys to sleep, yet fills a woman's mind with all the tiny details her arousal thrives on.
Nothing makes a woman feel more sexual than the right type of compliment.

Most women battle with two main insecurities that prevent them from coming:

  • Insecurities about her body
  • Insecurities about her performance
Advertisers spends billions of dollars to convince women their bodies aren’t “good enough” without using their products AND society seems to get off on convincing women that they’re undesirable and “slutty” if they express their sexuality. These two forces create a lot of anxiety and repression in the bedroom. The right compliments alleviate these worries and free her to feel sexy and be sexual with you.