Crazy Sexual Fantasies on Your Bucket List

Crazy isn't really a great word to describe a sexual fantasy, why should it be crazy. If your mind can conceive it then your body, with a little or a lot of help can probably achieve it. Think about it, sex has a come a far way from the 80’s till now, subjects and sex acts that were taboo are now commonplace and freely talked about. Your fantasies are a part of who you are and sometimes are triggered by your inner desires fears or experiences. It's easy to purchase all the bells, whistles and toys, so why should they be taboo. Don't be afraid to explore your wild side and make some of those fantasies on your bucket list a reality. So ….how many of these have you tried?


Being dominated is a desire of both men and women. Giving up control, letting go and giving in to someones whims and fantasies, while following instructions can be a powerful aphrodisiac and spice up the dullest relationship. It’s up to you how far you want to take it. If you fantasize about bondage then you can go the whole nine yards, whips, chains, cuffs, leather. Feel free to spank them, order them around, kneel at your feet and beg for what he or she wants.

Rape fantasy

Taken against your will by force might not sound like a fantasy, but lots of women dream and fantasize about being pushed up against a wall, clothes torn open, pinned up against the wall, fondling and groping the vagina and women penetrated from behind. Don’t get me wrong rape is rape, but sex between consenting adults can be anything you want it to be.

Three is definitely not a crowd

Yea it’s the new norm for some, but still a fantasy for others. Two men, one woman, two women one man.The pleasure and combinations are endless, one licking and sucking the other concentrating on penetration, whatever tickles your fancy (literally).

Girl on girl

Most women fantasize about having sex with another girl. The female body is very sensuous and the idea of two bodies rubbing up against each other, licking, stroking, sucking and even penetration, ticks all the right boxes. Who knows your body better and what buttons to push to get you to the ultimate, intense climax. It doesn’t necessarily mean you're gay just open to the possibilities. Who’s watching

Being on display and having an audience can be highly erotic and thrilling, the audience can vary as well as the setting. Some prefer a more private, intimate setting, some love the thrill of doing it in public and the risk of getting caught. Buses, cars, bathrooms, parks, yard, work, home, a parent or friend’s home the possibilities are endless.

So whatever you decide to try, be safe and have fun.