Playtime in the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, many still entertain the archaic notion that any outside assistance reflects poorly on their lovemaking skills.

Introducing toys into a partnered sex life can be both ego-bruising and awkward at first, but proves worthwhile for those seeking long-term sexual satisfaction. Couples that use toys report higher levels of physical satisfaction, communication, and overall intimacy. I know, it all sounds great in theory. However, the thought of actually having this conversation renders most faces what paint companies refer to as “eggshell.”Many fear this conversation because of its obviously negative implications. Asking your partner to incorporate toys can translate to “you’re inadequate” or “I’m bored.” This is not the case for the vast majority of those looking to spice up their sex lives. For men and women who find themselves intimidated by the introduction of a third, silicone part.

These might just be your average board games but they’re played in a totally fun way! Read on to discover our new take on them and how to turn your board games closet into a wealth of bedroom games. A deck of cards and a sassy attitude are all you need to make these classic card games the ultimate in intimate foreplay ideas. They’re not your grandmother’s card games anymore but we still think you’ll agree that these easy to create bedroom games are filled with sexy fun! Favorite games are turned on their heads and are ready for an intimate night of fun!


Strip Sorry – When you ‘bump’ your spouse in the game, you also get to ‘bump’ off a piece of their clothing! It’s a double WIN each time! Chances are, you won’t be finishing this game but we have a feeling you’ll be diving into a whole new world of bedroom games.